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I got the thought of blogging/journaling like this after a conversation I had with my husband Mark on one of our evening walks. I was telling him how I now believe that something I had gone through years ago I now see was a lesson for me on how to deal with something that was going on now in my life. My very practical husband Mark said, everything in life is a lesson, just crossing the street is a lesson.

Today that became so apparent to me. I realized that there really is a lesson there waiting for you to learn from every little thing. My Aha! moment today was kind of more light hearted than my usual deep thoughts.

My lesson today was: When you are under time constraints, go the easy and practiced way. That lesson was the culmination of three smaller, more lighthearted, funny (well maybe not so funny at the time) but very important lessons today.

The first one being: Don’t grease the tube pan when you are trying to make a sponge cake.

Mess of a sponge cake!

The next lesson is that series was: Don’t try to make a fancy cake you haven’t made in years when you are stressed for time and expecting a house full of company for the weekend.

Broken and crumbly sponge cake #2!

The third lesson was (learned on the second cake of the day after the first was way undercooked): Whipped cream covers anything and can make anything look right. It doesn’t even matter if the cake has completely collapsed, it can still be salvaged by a coat of whipped cream.

Strawberry Shortcake at Last! (thanks to whipped cream)

All of that made me realize that it really is best to Keep it simple stupid! 🙂

I don’t expect everyday’s lessons to be as light hearted and making fun of myself as today’s lesson, but hey, maybe that is a lesson in itself.

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