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There are things in life that we can do all on our own and then there are things in life that we need help with. Many times we fail at things we really want simply because we are too embarrassed or too proud to ask for help.

As long as I can remember I have wanted to help people people live positive and motivated lives. I love reading. I love all kinds of self help, spiritual and self betterment books. I love being able to help someone who is down and sees no hope to find that hope and succeed.

I started blogging because I thought that maybe it was a way for me to help even a few people here and there be inspired by life and all the opportunities it offers whether your day is good or bad. I was surprised to see that in under 2 months I had over 4000 hits on my site. That encouraged me to work even harder at writing and to move my blog to a site where I had more options and control.

When I received an email about a spiritual author competition and the possibility of winning a book publishing contract, I knew that I had to at least try to enter. So I did.

And now I need your help. The first round of the competition is basically a popularity contest. The top 250 authors with the most votes will proceed to the next round.

The voting in the first round ends on May 3rd. The 250 authors with the most votes on that day will advance to the next round.

It really only takes a minute or two to register to vote. I would really appreciate your votes and it would be really great if you could blog, email, facebook or tweet to your friends and followers about voting for me.

I believe that if you don’t ask, you can’t be told yes. If you don’t try you can’t succeed. So I am trying to make a dream into reality and I am asking for you help.

Here is the link to my page on the competition.

Please vote for me and help spread the word.

If you can please let me know in the comments if you have passed on my reuqest to others. Thanks so much!

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