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It is a beautiful spring day today. The kind of weather I would love to have year round. There is sunshine and there is a breeze. It is not too hot and not too cold.

The other day I posted about learning to take the time to see, hear and feel life. My sister commented to me that while all my blog posts usually leave her feeling uplifted, that one kind of brought her down.

So I thought that today this beautiful weather would be an excellent opportunity to do a more positive take on the hearing, seeing and feeling a moment or two in your life.

On this beautiful spring day I hear the trees rustling in the breeze as they are swaying back and forth. I see the sun shining on the cobblestones that make up my road. I feel invigorated and full of energy.

I hear the birds chirping and talking to one another. I see them flying and drifting in the sky. I feel inspired by the beauty there is in nature.

I hear the wind chime rattling in the breeze. I see a leaf falling to the ground. I feel ready to tackle the day ahead.

Nature is beautiful and unique. Spring is the showcase of nature’s beauty. All you need to do is take a few minutes to stop, hear, see and feel. And if you want to you can make the time to smell the roses as well.

This blog post was written for writing workshop #18 run by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak. I chose the first prompt: Spring is definitely making its presence known at last.

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I was sitting here trying to decide which of the million dozens of topics swirling around in my head I should write about. And then I heard a guitar playing and my second son singing.

He was giving my little 3 year old a bath and he likes to play the guitar for her while she splashes around in the water. It was so sweet to listen to. Today for the first time I heard him come a little bit out of his shell and I listened to him singing to her as well. He was making up a song about the fact that she needs to wash her hair and take a bath.

And before anyone asks, the title of my blog post is not about my son and his playing or singing or how good it is or it isn’t. He is actually pretty good. It was his music and joy of singing though that reminded me of myself the other day.

For those who know me, the one thing that is quite certain is that I am tone deaf. Sometimes I’m a bit better, sometimes a bit worse. Most of the time my family complains I am going to crack windows and they beg me to stop singing.

Broken glass? Photo op! 8
(Photo courtesy of Helene Jutras)

What I realized the other day driving to work is that sometimes I really enjoy singing and it makes me happy. I couldn’t care less if I am singing in tune, scaring animals or cracking windows. That particular day it lifted my spirits to sing along with the radio and belt out the songs while I was driving.

Sure when I do that at home I get a barrage of complaints, but is that really fair? If it makes me happy and releases some tension for me, why can’t I sing even if I am not good stink at it.

I can understand that if I am really causing pain to others maybe I should possibly not sing quite as loudly, but I really don’t think I should have to stop altogether.

So I say to all of you, if there is something you enjoy doing, just do it. Even if you are not great at it or maybe even stink at it.

What things do you guys enjoy doing that you are less than talented at? Do you do them anyways or let other people’s opinions of your “talents” stop you?


As an added bonus here is my son doing his thing singing to his little bathing sister.


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(Photo courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik)

Every day no matter how stressful or hard brings happiness with it. You just need to look out for it and learn to recognize it everyday things. You need to learn to let simple moments infuse the happiness into your day.

This is the second time I have been tagged with the Happy 101 Award. The award means that I have to make a list of ten things that make me happy. Last time, I was tagged for this meme by Heather at Notes from Lapland and I wrote a list of ten things that make me happy in general.

This time because I am not in the greatest of moods (don’t worry nothing important or life changing) in response to the tag by Entropy Girl I have decided to focus on finding 10 things that make me happy today right now. (Besides being tagged of course.)

So here is my list:

1. Hearing my husband’s voice when he called me on his way to work. His voice can generally make me smile.

2. Having a job. Even though like I have mentioned before I am not fully satisfied where I am, I am still happy and grateful to have a job and an income. (5 kids is not cheap!) Having a job is not something I take for granted in this time of recession.

3. The rain today.

Freesia in the Rain
(Photo courtesy of John Morgan)

I live in a country that is plagued by drought. So what if it rained right after my husband and youngest son worked so hard and cleaned all the windows in the house so thoroughly? Or right after my eldest son had the car washed? I do feel bad that my husband got caught in the rain when he took my youngest to the nursery, but still the rain is a blessing.

4. My health. Sure it may not be 100% perfect, but there is nothing like working with ill people to make you appreciate your health.

5. My writing.
(Photo courtesy of Karin Dalziel)
The simple act of writing and blogging has given me a lot of joy. It has made me reach deeper into myself and it has taught me to persevere. I have only been blogging for a bit over a month, but have enjoyed it thoroughly and have learned a lot. Writing is something you can do anywhere, when you have a few minutes or a lapse at work like I did today.

6. Having my little girl call for me at 5:45 in the morning to wipe her little tushy on the toilet. Okay, so technically she was calling my husband, but that is also a cause for joy no? Better (for me that is) that she wants her daddy in the middle of the night.
So back to my daughter’s little tushy. I was already up getting ready for work (because otherwise that wake up call would have made my cranky not happy list). She was so cute and adorable. I am also happy she has been toilet trained since age 2. She has saved us a lot of money.

7. Classical or cool music cellphone ringtones. I love hearing an unexpected tune start playing from a co-worker or patient’s cellphone. The upbeat tempos just give an unexpected beat to your day and a momentary change of atmosphere.

8. Hospital Food. Yes, I am weird, but I love the food served at my hospital. From the time I get to work I wait patiently for lunch so I can eat. Or maybe it’s just the novelty of eating a meal I don’t have to cook.

9. My cellphone being quiet today. It’s nice every once in a while to have a quiet non ringing day.

10. Today’s morning shift being slow for the first few hours and only 8 hours long. Not 8 1/2 like evening shift or 9 hours like night shift. It was even slow enough that I was able to write all this at work.

So next time you are having a less than happy day, think hard and I am sure you will be able to think of at least 10 things that make you happy. If I was able to do that today, anyone can.

When have you been able to find happy in an ordinary day?


I am passing this award on to:

*Nicola at Some Mothers Do Ave Em
*Ed at Little m Long a
*Josie at Sleep is for the Weak
*Dawn at The Moiderer
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*Sue at Smiffy’s Blog

And anyone who would like this award, I am awarding it to you as well. Please come and take it.

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Every one has a silly side to them. Some people just have it hidden better than others. And then there are those who don’t hide their silly side well enough.

Being silly is as important to living a great life as being serious is. Serious and silly each have their individual appropriate moments. Sometimes they even mix.

Who doesn’t like having a serious moment lightened up by random silliness? Actually I guess there are moments of seriousness where silliness would be inappropriate. No one likes a joker at a funeral for instance. But forget morbid, we are talking silly right now.

Silliness makes us happy. It makes us laugh. It even makes us creative.

Silliness makes other people laugh and laughing makes people feel good. Silliness can be emancipating.

So while it doesn’t have to be every day, do remember every once in a while to take time out of your day to be silly. If you are intersted you can check out this article about being silly.

In the spirit of silly and serious, I give you a vlog that combines serious with a bit of silly. I take sock-locks very seriously. Laundry, that is something I can get silly about.

What do you like getting silly about?

And now without further ado here is my entry in the Just Vlog It Teach Us Something Challenge hosted by Heather at NotesfromLapland and Karin at Cafebebe.


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Thank you. Two small words that can make a tremendous difference in a person’s day. I will even go so far as to say that sometimes those two words can make a difference not just in a person’s day but in their life.

We all know the importance of saying thank you to people and we all know how it feels to be thanked and appreciated. Yet sometimes people we should acknowledge and thank are overlooked. They are even taken for granted if you will.

I know at my place of work in the ER there are quite a few overlooked people. The cleaners (am using the literal translation from Hebrew instead of the word janitor) are among them. For the most part they have a really thankless job.

When I am working and a cleaning person comes to change the garbage bag by my station, I make sure to stop and thank them, acknowledge their presence. Just today I saw an example of how much of an impression a simple few words on my part can make.

I started my shift late. As I walked into the ER one of the aforementioned cleaners stopped me and said hello and asked me how I was today. He is a young guy, probably about 20 years younger than me if I had to guess. I can’t believe I just said that out loud or admitted it….I shouldn’t be old enough to say anyone is 20 years younger than me. When did that happen?

Anyways, back from the tangent. I am Jewish, he is Arab. In his job, he is mostly ignored by everyone else. Obviously the fact that I have made an effort to acknowledge him and his work has stuck with him. His simple greeting meant a lot to me. It also lifted my mood dramatically.

Three days from now on Sunday is the Jewish holiday of Purim. It’s a holiday when we dress up in costumes and we give food baskets to friends and needy people. Many times we also send something to teachers or others.

Last year at my little one’s daycare, I made a modest little food package for each of the caregivers. Many of the other parents did as well. I decided to also make one for the cook because I thought she deserved a thank you as well. The cook was a loving grandmother type who doted on the kids.

When my little one handed her the package she was so touched. Later on, the manager of the nursery told me that none of the other parents had given the cook anything and it had deeply touched her that we remembered her and thought to give her something.

A few weeks back when I had taken my daughter to her nursery, I met up with the guard. Here in Israel at all the schools and nurseries there is a little guard’s booth with a guard. Normally the guard is by his booth at top of the steps while the two nurseries are about ten or so steps down.

This particular morning he was walking out of my little one’s nursery and I was amazed when he said good morning to my daughter and called her by her name. I was really impressed because firstly, I didn’t realize he interacted with the kids but mostly because between the two nurseries he guards there are about 70 children. He actually cared enough about the kids to learn their names.

That incident stuck with me. When I started planning my holiday food baskets I right away said that I want to make one for this guard. He deserves to be acknowledged and thanked. When I mentioned to my three year old that we are going to make a package for Alex she said in a very loud voice “I like Alex! And he likes me!” It was so sweet.

So I put together something small and modest. It is more about the thought then the package. I wrote a card about how I admire his devotion and how nice it is that he loves the kids. And I thanked him.

I attached the card to the package and in the morning I plan on adding a big homemade chocolate chip cookie with his name in chocolate on it. My little daughter is excited about bringing it to him.

I am not going to be there to witness the joy on my daughter’s face when she brings something unexpected to someone she “likes and who likes her”. My husband will have that honor. One thing I do know is that I don’t have to be there or witness it to know how touched the guard will be by a simple thank you.

So next time anyone is feeling down and wants a way to brighten their own day, find a way to thank an overlooked person in your life. It can be a note of thank you, a kind word or a little gift. You decide. Just remember by thanking others we bring joy and gratitude into our own lives.


March 1st 2010-Just wanted to add this sweet picture of my little one handing the parcel to the guard.

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Warning: if you don’t believe that things in life have a purpose or a reason, you may not want to continue reading this.


Okay, now that my disclaimer is out of the way and only the believers are left I can continue. When I say believers I am referring to those of us who believe that life is not just a random jumble but that life has an order, a sense and a purpose to it.

Of course there are those of us, myself included, who believe in God and are not ashamed to admit it. Okay, I will come right out and say that I am proud to believe in God and higher powers.

I was just reading a blog post yesterday over at Sleep is for the Weak about people being hesitant to talk about religion on blogs, but I think it is fine. Everyone just has to learn to respect each others opinions. Or maybe I am just a new blogger, so I don’t know what I have stepped into yet. Am hoping that my naiveness and belief in people’s goodness will serve me okay.

So anyways, back to coincidences.

I personally don’t believe there is such a thing. It’s always been my motto. I think my friends and family are probably sick of me saying, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Oh well-that’s their problem I guess.

I think you might not always see a connection between things occurring in your life, but many times somewhere along the road, you might have that epiphany as to why something happened. Maybe some horrible event left you stranded somewhere and it was there you met your soul mate. Maybe it was a stranger’s smile that gave you a boost of self confidence on your way to a job interview. Or maybe some random fortune cookie got you thinking and prompted an action by you. There are even sites like this one that has lists of interesting coincidences.

(Photo courtesy of Robert S. Donovan )

It can be a random comment or it can be something as stressful as a disease that changes your whole perspective on life. About six years ago I was hospitalized with mild hemiparesis. The doctors had no idea what the problem was. Those 10 days were some of the worst in my life. They were racked with fear and worry. (They were also filled with reading 7 books, staying in pj’s all day, not cooking or cleaning and getting served 3 meals a day, but really I was worried.)

It was only a few years later that I realized that my illness or “dis-ease” was the best thing that could have happened to me. (And before someone comments, my kids and husband are also the best things that happened to me, but a different category of best thing).

That hospitalization led me to alternative medicine professionals and others who changed my whole view on life. It has been a process of quite a few years, but it sure as heck was the disease that was the catalyst. Again, no coincidence.

I am the kind of person who is spontaneous and maybe sometimes a bit too naive. Most of the time, when it comes to people and emotions, I am a good judge of character. Even more so if it is someone I don’t know at all, or not very well.

So it is not a surprise to me when I suddenly hear or read something from someone and feel that the person was led into my life at the moment for a reason. Sometimes it is the message in their words-written or verbal. Sometimes I am meant to connect with the person and open up to them-both for myself and for them.

I have been chatting on the internet for about 3 years now and have made quite a nice group of online virtual friends. Some of these friends I have spoken to, one I have actually met, and quite a few I correspond with by email or *horror* snail mail. I got to the forum I chat on by accident. I was looking on the site for something else and happened across the forum. Again a “coincidence”. Uh uh! I don’t think so.

I Thank God For You
(Photo courtesy of vistamommy )

It was on this forum that I stumbled onto that I have been helped and helped others. I have made friends. I have come to understand cultures and religions other than my own. Others have come to understand things about my culture and religion.

It was also through some of these friends that I was exposed to the world of blogging. The blogging that has become a source of great satisfaction for me. I have also in just a few weeks in blogland, made quite a few more like minded virtual friends who I really enjoy corresponding with.

Even just yesterday, I happened across a blog I have never read before. With blog reading it is kind of like a blog to blog treasure hunt. You start with one blog you like, click on that blogger’s favorite blogs and then on and on. Focus Susie! You are digressing!

Okay back to the story about this blog. The blog’s author is a single mum named Nicola. The post was one that intuitively sparked something in me and I asked her to contact me by email which she did. Being total strangers, LOL, we of course hit it off right away. The emails that followed were for both of us the exact hit over the head we both needed at this moment. We both have many common views and we both believe that this connection is not a coincidence.

There is a beautiful poem by an anonymous author that goes like this:

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or
a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you
will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON . . . It is
usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have
come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you
with guidance and support, to aid you physically,
emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a
godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason
you need them to be.

Then, without any wrong doing on your part, or at an
inconvenient time, this person will say or do something
to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die.
Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realise is that our need has been met, our
desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you
sent up has been answered. And now it is time to move on.

When people come into your life for a SEASON . . .
Because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount
of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things
you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional
foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the
person, and put what you have learned to use in all
other relationships and areas of your life. It is said
that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

I believe that even the season and lifetime relationships are for a reason. Every coincidence is like the swell a tiny little a rock makes when it is thrown into the ocean. Everything is connected. I believe everything happens for a reason.

No one is going to convince me that there is such a thing as a mere coincidence. In my book, everything truly does have a reason, even if at times I have no idea what that may be.

So next time something less than pleasant happens to you, instead of bemoaning your fate, think positively. Remember it is no coincidence you are going through this event right now. You never know, you might even be lucky enough to be able to look back and see the blessing it has become.

P.S. You don’t think it is a coincidence you read this today do you? *wink wink*

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I was going to write about a completely different topic today, but an unexpected tag by Heather on Notes from Lapland with a Happy 101 Award made me change my post.

The award came with the prerequisite that I write a list of the 10 things that make you happy.

It wasn’t the award itself per se that made me change my post, but rather the list I came up with.

As I wrote the list, I started to notice that a good amount of my list consisted of the word unexpected.

So what are the ten things that make me happy?

1. An unexpected smile.

2. An unexpected and honest compliment.

3. An unexpected gift. (not for a birthday or occasion, just a because I thought of you gift)

4. An unexpected hug or kiss from my husband. One that reminds me of the getting to know you flirting when we first met.

5. An unexpected check or a higher than expected paycheck.

6. Having someone else clean my house. (Thank you kids for getting bigger and better at cleaning).

7. Someone cooking healthy yummy food for me. (Salads are a pain and always taste better when someone else prepares them!)

8. Knowing I helped someone or made someone happy.

9. Feeling good about the way I look and feel.

10. Visiting my family overseas whom I don’t get to see very often.

So like you see, half of my list was unexpected things. I started thinking why that was so.

I think that maybe it is because when something is unexpected and unscripted we view it as more sincere. That in itself makes us happy and boosts our mood. So basically unexpected positive events or gestures=a boost in our mood. I am sure it probably works in the reverse way which is why an unexpected loss or setback hits you a lot harder than one you saw coming.

I know that over the years the gifts that made me happiest at the moment they were given were the spontaneous unexpected ones.

I don’t know anyone who isn’t bowled over when their partner brings them something home just because. Or the parent that doesn’t just melt when their child unexpectedly comes over and says they love them sooo much.

So my mission for all of you out there reading this is to do something unexpected for someone you love. Just because. No strings attached. It can be a short little letter telling them how you feel about them. It can be a little trinket. It can be a chore that you tell them you are doing instead of them. It can be a kind remark or a smile. You decide. Just spread the love and joy.

I am passing this award onto:

*A strong woman at More Than Just a Mother
*A 1950’s Housewife at From Mum to Mum
*Someone always entertaining at Vegemitevix
*Fraught Mummy at Brit in Bosnia

I enjoy their blogs and they are blogs I recently discovered:

Hope the unexpected award puts a smile on their faces.

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