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We often to tend to think that our lives are boring or nothing special. It’s only when we actually dig deeper and start to list things we have done or seen that we realize that maybe we are not all that dull, or that maybe we at least sound interesting to others.

I had actually pondered over whether or not my life was interesting enough a little while back as a guest poster over at Notes from Lapland. When Mari from Mari’s World tagged me with this Kreativ Blogger award, I thought it was a perfect way to see if I can make myself sound a bit interesting.

So here goes. You are about to learn 7 things about me that you may not know.

1. I was in the cockpit of a jumbo jet while it was in the air. Not so cool considering how I got there.

Steward’s announcement: “If there is a doctor on board please let the steward know.”

Me: Already in a panic about flying, patiently watched to see if anyone approached the steward. When no one came to the rescue, I approached the steward and told him that I was a nurse, and maybe I can help.

The steward then took me to the front of the plane. I am thinking to myself, okay…someone in business class is having a heart attack. Nope…he takes me up the stairs. I say to myself. Okay… someone in first class is having a heart attack. But nope. He takes me to the cockpit and tells me the pilot is not feeling so good.

At this point you should all know I am a major chicken. My brain knows that planes fly by radar, but honestly it was way too much for me to actually see with my own eyes that the pilots can see nothing (I mean absolutely nothing) out of their window when it is cloudy.

In the Airplane
(Photo courtesy of Ruthanne Reid)

Back to the pilot. Seems he was only feeling a bit fluish. I went back to my seat and got my handy dandy first aid pouch, took his temperature and gave him something to lower his fever (which he did have). Sadly it was only after he had swallowed the pills that he even bothered to make sure that what I gave him wasn’t poison or would not make him drousy.

Needless to say I went back to my seat, strapped myself and my kids in and held onto the sides of the seat for the remainder of the cross Atlantic flight.

2. I had chicken pox twice. Yes I have real talent. I had the pox at age 7 months and despite being exposed to my sisters when they had it when I was in my early teens, I waited till the age of nineteen, 3 weeks after my wedding to come down with it. I actually caught it at my wedding. My nephew the culprit who gave them to me is getting married himself this summer. Hmmm, wonder what gift I am going to give him.

3. Once upon a time, in the days when I was fit and in shape, I taught spinning.
Day 28
(Photo courtesy of Matt Montagne)
Yup you know, that really challenging exercise on a stationery bike. That used to be me in front of a class laughing at everyone struggling along. How the mighty have fallen. I can’t seem to get up a flight of steps these days without huffing.

4. In 40 years I have lived in 8 different houses and 3 different dorms. Five out of those houses were in the ten year period between the ages 20 to 30. One of those houses was on a kibbutz. Actually, I do think that I will listen to Heather from Notes from Lapland and write about kibbutz living. What I consider normal, others may actually find interesting.

5. In elementary school I made it to the state finals for the Jewish International Bible Championships. That was back in the days when my grades were good and I actually absorbed information instead of forgetting where my keys are and my kids’ names.

6. I collect salt and pepper shakers. I have over 200 sets. For those who travel or whose husbands travel quite a bit, this is a convenient collection to have. Salt and pepper shakers are easy to find everywhere. It is a pretty cool collection. I am though going to need to move soon in order to have more room to house the ever growing collection.

7. I have ADD.
Attention - disorder
(Photo courtesy of Sean McMahon)
I was diagnosed as an adult but was told that if I had been diagnosed as a child I probably would have has ADHD. Duh! It is not everyone’s 7th grade teacher who takes a kid’s school desk out of the classroom, puts it outside the door and leaves the door open so that they can hear and not disturb.

Yup, that was me, the one sitting outside and still finding ways to interrupt the class. As an adult years later, I did happen to take a yoga class with the same teacher and she was lovely. So I probably am sure I was quite a handful. Heck, I still am.

So what do you think? Am I interesting enough?


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And anyone else would like this award and tag, consider yourselves awarded and tagged!

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We all have pictures from our childhood, teens or even adulthood where we look back at ourselves and wonder what the heck we were thinking when we got dressed. Chances are good though that at the time we thought we were dressing quite fashionably.

And then there are the pictures where you knew at the time that you looked ridiculous and there was not a thing in the world you could do.

I present to you my “beautiful” self all gussied up for a jazz recital.

The funny part about that is that I dance almost as well as I sing. In case you missed the post about how I almost shatter glass singing, I don’t sing well. Now you know that I also have two left feet.

So here I was at about age 11 or 12 I think it was, all dressed up in clothing that was just not me and getting ready for a jazz performance that was also just not me. Don’t ask me how I got suckered into those classes because I have no recollection.

And then to add insult to injury, my father wanted to take pictures. That hideous lovely picture above is the result.

Back then I did not really know how to be a good sport and take things in stride. I can only imagine the grief I gave my parents because my 12 year old is similar to me and she is giving me a run for my money. (Funny how what goes around seems to come back around and bite you in the tush.)

That picture for me represents the me who once was and who still is but who has grown into someone who has learned to be able to laugh at herself. Sure I still take some things too hard, but I have vastly improved over the years.

I love the fact that even with the amount of “pain” I was in, I still managed to get a smile out. For me smiling is essential, even when you are so not in the mood to smile. When you smile, people smile back at you. It makes your day happier.

It sure is a heck of a lot better than crying over your outfit!

Have you ever managed to smile even when you didn’t feel like it? Did you end up feeling better?


This post was inspired by the prompt of “me” at Gallery Week 4 run by Tara at Sticky Fingers.

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It is a beautiful spring day today. The kind of weather I would love to have year round. There is sunshine and there is a breeze. It is not too hot and not too cold.

The other day I posted about learning to take the time to see, hear and feel life. My sister commented to me that while all my blog posts usually leave her feeling uplifted, that one kind of brought her down.

So I thought that today this beautiful weather would be an excellent opportunity to do a more positive take on the hearing, seeing and feeling a moment or two in your life.

On this beautiful spring day I hear the trees rustling in the breeze as they are swaying back and forth. I see the sun shining on the cobblestones that make up my road. I feel invigorated and full of energy.

I hear the birds chirping and talking to one another. I see them flying and drifting in the sky. I feel inspired by the beauty there is in nature.

I hear the wind chime rattling in the breeze. I see a leaf falling to the ground. I feel ready to tackle the day ahead.

Nature is beautiful and unique. Spring is the showcase of nature’s beauty. All you need to do is take a few minutes to stop, hear, see and feel. And if you want to you can make the time to smell the roses as well.

This blog post was written for writing workshop #18 run by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak. I chose the first prompt: Spring is definitely making its presence known at last.

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I was sitting here trying to decide which of the million dozens of topics swirling around in my head I should write about. And then I heard a guitar playing and my second son singing.

He was giving my little 3 year old a bath and he likes to play the guitar for her while she splashes around in the water. It was so sweet to listen to. Today for the first time I heard him come a little bit out of his shell and I listened to him singing to her as well. He was making up a song about the fact that she needs to wash her hair and take a bath.

And before anyone asks, the title of my blog post is not about my son and his playing or singing or how good it is or it isn’t. He is actually pretty good. It was his music and joy of singing though that reminded me of myself the other day.

For those who know me, the one thing that is quite certain is that I am tone deaf. Sometimes I’m a bit better, sometimes a bit worse. Most of the time my family complains I am going to crack windows and they beg me to stop singing.

Broken glass? Photo op! 8
(Photo courtesy of Helene Jutras)

What I realized the other day driving to work is that sometimes I really enjoy singing and it makes me happy. I couldn’t care less if I am singing in tune, scaring animals or cracking windows. That particular day it lifted my spirits to sing along with the radio and belt out the songs while I was driving.

Sure when I do that at home I get a barrage of complaints, but is that really fair? If it makes me happy and releases some tension for me, why can’t I sing even if I am not good stink at it.

I can understand that if I am really causing pain to others maybe I should possibly not sing quite as loudly, but I really don’t think I should have to stop altogether.

So I say to all of you, if there is something you enjoy doing, just do it. Even if you are not great at it or maybe even stink at it.

What things do you guys enjoy doing that you are less than talented at? Do you do them anyways or let other people’s opinions of your “talents” stop you?


As an added bonus here is my son doing his thing singing to his little bathing sister.


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(Photo courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik)

Every day no matter how stressful or hard brings happiness with it. You just need to look out for it and learn to recognize it everyday things. You need to learn to let simple moments infuse the happiness into your day.

This is the second time I have been tagged with the Happy 101 Award. The award means that I have to make a list of ten things that make me happy. Last time, I was tagged for this meme by Heather at Notes from Lapland and I wrote a list of ten things that make me happy in general.

This time because I am not in the greatest of moods (don’t worry nothing important or life changing) in response to the tag by Entropy Girl I have decided to focus on finding 10 things that make me happy today right now. (Besides being tagged of course.)

So here is my list:

1. Hearing my husband’s voice when he called me on his way to work. His voice can generally make me smile.

2. Having a job. Even though like I have mentioned before I am not fully satisfied where I am, I am still happy and grateful to have a job and an income. (5 kids is not cheap!) Having a job is not something I take for granted in this time of recession.

3. The rain today.

Freesia in the Rain
(Photo courtesy of John Morgan)

I live in a country that is plagued by drought. So what if it rained right after my husband and youngest son worked so hard and cleaned all the windows in the house so thoroughly? Or right after my eldest son had the car washed? I do feel bad that my husband got caught in the rain when he took my youngest to the nursery, but still the rain is a blessing.

4. My health. Sure it may not be 100% perfect, but there is nothing like working with ill people to make you appreciate your health.

5. My writing.
(Photo courtesy of Karin Dalziel)
The simple act of writing and blogging has given me a lot of joy. It has made me reach deeper into myself and it has taught me to persevere. I have only been blogging for a bit over a month, but have enjoyed it thoroughly and have learned a lot. Writing is something you can do anywhere, when you have a few minutes or a lapse at work like I did today.

6. Having my little girl call for me at 5:45 in the morning to wipe her little tushy on the toilet. Okay, so technically she was calling my husband, but that is also a cause for joy no? Better (for me that is) that she wants her daddy in the middle of the night.
So back to my daughter’s little tushy. I was already up getting ready for work (because otherwise that wake up call would have made my cranky not happy list). She was so cute and adorable. I am also happy she has been toilet trained since age 2. She has saved us a lot of money.

7. Classical or cool music cellphone ringtones. I love hearing an unexpected tune start playing from a co-worker or patient’s cellphone. The upbeat tempos just give an unexpected beat to your day and a momentary change of atmosphere.

8. Hospital Food. Yes, I am weird, but I love the food served at my hospital. From the time I get to work I wait patiently for lunch so I can eat. Or maybe it’s just the novelty of eating a meal I don’t have to cook.

9. My cellphone being quiet today. It’s nice every once in a while to have a quiet non ringing day.

10. Today’s morning shift being slow for the first few hours and only 8 hours long. Not 8 1/2 like evening shift or 9 hours like night shift. It was even slow enough that I was able to write all this at work.

So next time you are having a less than happy day, think hard and I am sure you will be able to think of at least 10 things that make you happy. If I was able to do that today, anyone can.

When have you been able to find happy in an ordinary day?


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And anyone who would like this award, I am awarding it to you as well. Please come and take it.

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