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Talk to Me Straight
I have always known that when you are authentic and open with people, people tend to be open with you as well.

Yesterday I read a really good article on Oprah’s website about the power of authenticity written by Mike Robbins. It not only explained why you should be authentic but also gave 5 principles as a guide for being authentic. The principles are: knowing yourself, transforming your fear, expressing yourself, being bold and celebrating who you are.

All of those are things I have been working on. As far as expressing myself, I haven’t needed that much practice. I am a very open person much to the chagrin of my husband. What you see is what you get. I do not have a good poker face and I stink at lying. I also sometimes tell people too much and too easily. (Now you get why I like blogging. )

So because I am such an open book, people often tend to open up to me as well.

As many of you know I entered a competition whose prize is a book contract. Of course I asked everyone I knew to vote for me. If you haven’t voted for me yet click here for the information.

I was pleasantly surprised when a good friend of mine sent me back a request to read a manuscript he had written. It was good and it had obviously taken a long time to write. All that came to mind is that the more open I am and the more I go after my own dreams, others open up and share their dreams as well.

It was heartwarming and encouraging to me. Maybe part of my journey whether I ever publish a book or not, is to be part of the process for others. Who knows? It was just nice to see.

Have you ever found that when you open up, people open up to you as well?


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Blogging Fun!

We all have our own opinions and views on life. We each enjoy doing different things and each of us is proud of different accomplishments. What we view as a silly or unworthy pursuit, may be a very important and fulfilling part of someone else’s life.

The other day I was reminded of the importance of making sure not to belittle things that are significant to others, even if we ourselves view them as pointless.

I was talking to two people, one of them a good friend, and told them that I have started blogging and that I write everyday. The facial expression, comments and attitude of complete ridicule and disregard that I got from my good friend was completely unexpected and really unwarranted.

Luckily for me I am in a different place than I used to me. For the most part, I don’t let other people’s views cloud my perception of myself. I enjoy the blogging. I feel it is very cathartic and helpful to me. I am also pleased with the results. So thankfully, I really was able to shrug her comments off without feeling the least bit hurt. I did tell her that it was too bad and that I was happy, so I really didn’t care what she thought.

The whole incident did make me think about how careful we have to be about how we react to other people’s hobbies, thoughts, goals and ambitions.

Has someone reacted to you in a way you did not expect? Have you ever reacted to someone else’s news in a way you now regret?


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An upset stomach and diarrhea is not pleasant when it involves people. I now have the pleasure (NOT) of letting all of you know that an upset stomach and diarrhea when it involves dogs is most definately not pleasant. I am sure it is not pleasant for the dog, and I am now damn sure it is not pleasant for the people in company of said dog.

So a little tip for all of you who have dogs or for those of you who are taking care of other people’s dogs. When you are having a big family meal and gathering in your house and your dog has an upset stomach, leave him outside. Or at least leave him outside until the meal is done.

Last night was the first night of Passover. As is our custom, the extended family got together for the traditional Passover Seder and meal. We were 20 people staying over and being hosted by my sister in law and brother in law. They live on a kibbutz and while we all fit and are able to sit comfortably, with the amount of people we were there was not much room other than the seating during the meal.

My brother and sister in law have a dog, as do their married son and daughter in law. My niece and nephew went away for the holiday but left their dog in care of their parents. I now think that they went away and left the dog because of the fact that the dog was having a stomach and bowel control issue. (Just kidding guys. I know your dog is another kid to you and your plans were made in advance.) In any event, the poor dog was having terrible diarrhea.

We sat down for the meal and at some point both dogs came in and sat under the table. We were enjoying our meal with great gusto when all of a sudden we heard a great big wet fart. My 12 year old daughter looked at her father and laughed because she thought the noise originated from him. It hadn’t.

All of a sudden someone realized that the dog had made a puddle of diarrhea. Actually, I think everyone sitting at that end of the table realized it all at once because I have never seen a room cleared by an odor quite as fast as that room was cleared.

As soon as my husband realized that a pooing dog was the culprit, he jumped up because he thought the dog might have pooped on his shoes. Two minutes before the dog had been sitting right by him.

My poor sister in law and brother in law now had the pleasant task of cleaning up after their sickly “granddog”. Like it wasn’t enough housing and cooking for 20 people.

But we learn something from everything life throws at us. This has been a very helpful lesson and maybe someone else will be spared the same experience. Just remember if you have a full house, don’t let a dog with an upset tummy in.

By the way, in case anyone wondered. After the “incident” was cleaned up, it didn’t stop a single person from continuing to eat.

So does anyone else have pet mishaps they would like to share?

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My eldest is getting the credit for the title of my life lesson learned today (not that he knows it).

I dropped my son off today at his meet up point with his fellow soldiers on my way to Jerusalem. I was on the way to visit my mother in law who had surgery two days ago and I was unfamiliar with the directions to the hospital. Since I get lost driving around the corner and my son takes after his father and always seems to know where he is going, I asked my son for directions.

My son suggested I take Highway 1 instead of Highway 443. His reasoning being,  because of where he is serving in the army, he knows that there have been a number of rock throwings on 443 recently. I debated what to do.

He got out of the car and I picked up a hitchhiker. Before you all gasp in disbelief, hitchhiking is quite common here in Israel. Not quite as much as it once was but quite still quite common. Besides the hitchhiker was young and cute and going all the way to Jerusalem. Plus my son (rifle toting son) checked him out and spoke to him before he got into the car. Small world, but in the end the hitchhiker was a cousin of friends of ours and is learning with a neighbor of mine. .

I apologize but I tend to digress very easily and often, a quality of mine that drives many people especially my husband nuts. So back to my point. After my son got out of the car, I called my sister in law and she said 443 was the easiest. Also from personal experience Highway 1 has much more traffic. I figured no big deal because I have done this road hundreds of times and it is bright daylight and there are many cars on the road.

I was having a really nice discussion with my hitchhiker about Arab-Jewish relations and how one persons actions or deeds can harbor peace or hate (again I digress) when my son called me and asked where I was. I said on 443. His reply (translated from Hebrew): What you didn’t listen to me? How could you not listen to me? And then half joking, I hope you get stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half. I told him to take that back. To which he replied noooooo cause you didn’t listen to me. I then chuckled out loud and said to him: Now you know what it feels like to be a parent.

I don’t think he really internalized that very well because his reply was: so ya didn’t listen to me huh? You know mother, the world is round, what goes around comes around. I thought to myself yup my dear son, that was my point exactly. After all the times you didn’t listen to me, I think I am due at least a few times of not listening to you. By the way, I didn’t get stuck in any traffic at all. Just goes to prove that mothers are always right. 🙂

Originally in my head I had translated his Hebrew phrase to Life is a Circle instead of what he had actually said which is the world is round. As soon as Life is a Circle popped into my head it immediately made me think of the Circle of Life (and The Lion King and Elton John of course but again I digress).  That phrase of Life is a Circle was actually going through my head all afternoon and I thought about how true that really was. How we really do come full circle and how the way we treat people is often times the way we end up get treated back.

There are so many ways you can interpret these phrases.

In the afternoon (it has been a long day), I went to pick up my grandmother and take her to a psychiatrist. (My dad is an only child and lives in the USA so I am the one who deals with my grandmother). The psychiatrist diagnosed possible early stage Alzheimer’s because of the memory and cognitive losses.

All I kept thinking was life really is a circle. Until we go through things in life, we often don’t have the same sensitivity. We often end up in later years being hurt by the same type of actions that we hurt others with in earlier years. For those lucky to live to an old age we often start off and end up the same way. Helpless, dependent and sometimes a bit tactless. For instance on the way to drop my grandmother off she ever so bluntly asked me why I don’t brush my hair because it looks horrible right now. That so reminded me of the way our kids are so blunt when they are little. They say what they think. How many times have we wanted to bury ourselves in the ground after our kids have asked out loud why so and so is so fat or so ugly. Sadly we often times don’t give the elderly the same leeway and understanding we do with little kids.

Today I laughed my grandmother’s comment off and smiled at her. Also because she happened to be right, but mostly because I know she doesn’t really have control over what she blurts out. I am hoping that what goes around does come around and that my grandkids will be able to love me despite things I might say. That would be a perfect Circle of Life.

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