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waves of energy
I am tired, physically tired, and I don’t concentrate well when I am tired.

That’s not such a big deal when all I am talking about is blogging. When I am working in the ER it is a bit more of a problem. There have been days where I was surprised I managed not to kill anyone make any mistakes.

My poor baby waiting for doctor

My little 3 year old has been coughing for days and started running a high fever today. The last two nights have been spent listening to her cough all night and going to her countless times during the night to comfort her.

Last night my hubby even got kicked out of bed and slept in my daughter’s bed while she crawled in with me and slept coughed all over me all night. Hubby says he is too old to sleep in a bunk bed anymore, even if it is the bottom bunk.

So I have been sitting her for a long time staring at the computer screen and willing myself to write my blog for today. Not because I think the world is going to come to an end if I don’t write for one day. But rather because I have committed to myself that I want to write everyday.

I usually spend a long time writing my posts and when I don’t I am not as happy with my work. I have so many half written posts and so many ideas in my head. And like Paula who wrote today in her blog post Mojo? What Mojo?, my thoughts have all seem to have disappeared as well.

So as I was beating myself up and deciding what to write, I patted myself on the back and said: “Susie, it’s ok if every once in a while you do not have energy. Give yourself a break”. Not that that concept is something new to me. I have learned to do that really well in regards to housework, errands and all kinds of other stuff. (I am sure my husband is nodding his head passionately at that comment. I am thinking he is tired of washing dishes and living in a pigsty mess.)

But until today, I have not let myself do that with my blogging. Maybe I am worried that if I will let my blogging slide if I don’t continue to live up to the standards I have set for myself. I don’t know.

So I hope my giving myself a break and not writing something too deep today is okay with all of you who read my blog. But truly it really is okay every once in a while to admit you are out of energy or inspiration. I am sure that it is nothing sleep (or an extra few hours in a day) won’t remedy. Hopefully, I will get some soon. Heck, it’s only 1 am…….

Have any of you ever just run out of steam?

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I had a little laugh when Dawn from The Moiderer (as in talker not murderer) tagged me with the Kreativ blogger meme. I laughed because she tagged me in order to see how I would fit this meme into a “lesson”.

I guess she was either trying to make it really hard on me or she didn’t realize that this is the second time I have been tagged with this meme. I thought I did a good job the first time around, and I have been racking my brain for another 7 interesting facts about myself.

But like the title of today’s lesson, never turn down a challenge that is not harmful. So since this one is in good fun, my hubby helped me out and this is what we have come up with. Not quite as interesting as the first list but still…..

1. I can shape my tongue into a flower.

2. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

Nursing School Graduation

3. In 7th and 8th Grade I was on my school’s basketball team basketball. I was famous for my 2 handed over my head foul shots. (Not a pretty sight)
gutter ball

4. I have finished each of the Harry Potter Books in less than a day and I have reread each of them dozens (if not more) times.

5. When I’m upset at my kids, for some reason I end up yelling at them in Hebrew. Go figure because English is my mother tongue. I guess I want to make sure my kids understand me really well. I also find it hard to have a medical conversation in English. But that is understandable because most of my nursing career has been in Hebrew.

6. I have done rappelling down a 50 meter drop from the top of a cave. How embarrassing is it that fifty 11 and 12-year-old kids did it with less dramatics than I did? For my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah we took fifty of her friends on a field trip and rappelling. (Yes, we were insane to have voluntarily have done that!)

7. When I was 18 I smashed up my boyfriend’s black sports car while he was in the car with me. He saw the other car coming and tried to get me to stop the car but my reflexes were just not very fast. Then when I heard the police sirens coming I tried to run away and leave him there on his own. But guess what? He still proposed less than a year later and married me anyways. It does kind of explain though why unless he is unconscious he does not let me drive while he is in the car. (BTW-I have a picture of him and beloved car before the wreck, but am too tired to go searching for it now. Maybe I will add it later.)

So now that I have proven myself up to the challenge, I now have to tag seven other bloggers. I think that is the hardest part.

The rules are as follows:

1.Copy the award to your blog.
2.Insert a link to the person who nominated you.
3.Share seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before.
4.Nominate seven other bloggers for the award.
5.Link to their blogs.
6.Tell the nominees about their award

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Enthusiasm Uncurbed

I racked my brains for quite a while to try to find the right title to convey what exactly I was referring to. I am not sure it is 100% what I wanted but it was the best I could come up with after working night shift and getting home bleary eyed in the morning.

So in case the title wasn’t self evident, let me explain. If you are enthusiastic about a pursuit and you keep at it, the people close to you are going to inevitably be drawn in by your enthusiasm.

I have been noticing for a few weeks that when something unusual or funny happens around the house or to our family, my kids have started blurting out, I bet you are going to blog about that. A few times, the thought to blog about a certain topic hadn’t even entered my mind until someone in my family bought it up as potential blog fodder.

This past Sabbath we were 18 people staying over by us. (Actually 18 plus one gorgeous baby.)  Over the course of the day my blogging was of course discussed and once again I got suggestions about potential blog topics. I thought it was so nice how people were enthusiatic for me about something that was inportant to me.

So what I say is this. Share your enthusiasm for your joys and hobbies with those you love. You never know which of them will be your next source of inspiration.

Have you ever had people join in when you are enthusiastic?


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I have always associated addiction with someone hooked on drugs, alcohol and even on cigarrettes. Now I find myself asking am I addicted?

(Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver )

I don’t do drugs, have never even smoked and I don’t like alcohol. No way any normal person can call me an addict! Or maybe no way any one can call me normal…. But anyways, lately for some reason, people (like my family) keep telling me that I am addicted. I have no idea why. So that got me looking into the definition of addiction.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary an addiction is:
1 : the quality or state of being addicted
2 : compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful


Okay, so according to definition 1 the verb addict means:
1 : to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively
2 : to cause addiction to a substance in (a person or animal)

Sadly, after closer examination of definition 1 of the verb addict, I must hang my hang in shame, stand in front of all of you and say: My name is Susie and I am an addict.

At this point of time my addiction is blogging. In the past I have been addicted to exercise. (I have not been moving much from the computer so no, that is not a problem right now.) I have also been addicted (many times) to food. I have even been addicted to cleaning. (Okay maybe not really, but I was addicted to having a clean house.) I am thinking that at this point my husband would probably be happy for me to return to my cleaning addiction and my exercise addiction.

So it seems that if you obsessively devote yourself to something, you are addicted to it. In this day and age I would hazard a guess that most people are addicted to something. Some addictions are harmful and life threatening. Others are less harmful.

I really do enjoy blogging. I also think I am still learning the ropes which is why it takes me so long to get my blogging done. Finding good pictures to go with the blog is also time consuming. Add to all that the fact that I am trying to be part of the “blogging community” out there. There are some amazing blogs and bloggers out there with such diverse points of view. I will even venture to say that a few of the people I have “met” through blogging are going to continue to be friends for a long time. That is what is so beautiful about the internet. You can be thousands of miles away from someone and still connect in a meaningful way. In many ways sometimes even deeper than friends in your “real” life because you can be more open and honest.

Why Aren't You Blogging?
(Photo courtesy of Mike Licht )

So what do you guys think about blogging? Is it an addiction? A habit that should be broken?

So what now? How do I still continue to do something I love and enjoy while not neglecting other important aspects of my life? If anyone has words of wisdom, it would be great to hear them.

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I have spent today reflecting on the fact that I have been out of balance the past few days. I think it may have been the mounting loads of dirty laundry and dishes that actually caused my introspection.

According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, moderation is: control of your behaviour, so that you keep your actions, feelings, habits etc within reasonable limits.

Okay, so I need to find some moderation in my life. I think I lost it. On second thought, maybe I never had it.

Moderation is something I have been struggling to achieve my whole life. I have gotten better, but I have found that every once in a while (or maybe more often than that), a new project or challenge will completely swing me out of balance.

Over the years I have either exercised avidly 7 days a week (sometimes more than once a day), or I have done no exercise for months at a time.

I have had periods of time where I either ate out of control and gained tons of weight, or I have kept a very strict diet and lost loads of weight. Sadly, I must have lost thousands of pounds over the years.

I have had years when I budgeted strictly and times when I have spent out of control.

There have been months when my house is clean and orderly as can be, and there are the other times when I am just a slob. (Ask my husband what my walk in closet looks like during those times!)

There are times when I am overly involved with helping friends or people who don’t even ask for help and then there are the times when I have trouble saying yes to helping people who ask me for help.

All in all, I would say that I live in the extremes. I am not complaining. I know that I was born to face this challenge for a reason and I am sure I am up for it.

In Judaism there is a concept of a “middle golden road”. This was a concept that the Rambam (a very wise Jewish scholar who lived over 800 years ago) expounded on. He discussed the fact that people should not feel too overconfident because it can lead to arrogance, but on the other hand that people should not be too lacking in confidence because that needs to feelings of unworthiness. He stipulated that we should learn to live the middle golden road, a happy medium between the two extremes.

The concept of living the middle golden road has been expanded into basically finding a happy harmony in all aspects of your life. Easier said than done. Much easier said than done. I think my life the way I have just described it is a perfect example.

So what to do?

Routines help.
Having a different work schedule every week doesn’t………..Okay that’s just an excuse.

Eating healthy helps.
Finding time to cook and prepare healthy food for yourself with a job, 5 kids, a husband and a house is impossible………………Okay that’s just an excuse.

Sleeping enough helps.
Getting into bed at a reasonable hour when you have so much to do and so few hours in the day is impossible…………Okay that’s just an excuse.

Exercising helps.
Trying the time and the energy to start exercising is tough when you have a gazillion things on your plate and mind. Also tough when it is cold and freezing in the house and outside…….Okay, yup another excuse.

Enjoying where you work helps.
Not enjoying it and wanting to work in a different field you are not qualified for makes everything harder……Okay that too is just an excuse.

Excuses are just that excuses and not very good reasons to not living your life in moderation.
So no more excuses. Not sticking to routines and to do lists is really what derails moderation.

I know what needs to get done on a daily and weekly basis. Sure sometimes I really do have to much to do, but let me honest. Most of the time that is not what keeps me from living a balanced life.

Some of my problem stems from perfectionism, although it has been loosening its grip on me over the years. If I do something it needs to be done as good as possible and of course as soon as possible. In the case of starting this blog for instance, it has been taking up a disproportionate amount of my time this past week because I want to understand right way, now, all the in and outs of the blogging and the technical stuff. I want to do this as best as I can because I feel passionate about getting my thoughts out to others. So in my eagerness to get this up and running, I have been neglecting my routines and my chores and sadly even my kids to some extent.

Some of my problem comes from laziness or maybe I should just call it a lack of enthusiasm for doing things I don’t get satisfaction or enjoyment out of doing. I mean is there anyone really who likes to do laundry every day and to cook every day and to clean every day…..and then to do it again. Sure my family likes a clean house and food and clean and folded laundry. I know that they appreciate me doing it for them but it’s not like a really big paycheck or constant words of thanks and awe. Sure I love a clean house and I love everything organized and taken care of, but if I am honest I think I would rather someone else do it.

On a side note, I think that the reason people like doing things for people they are not expected to help is because the sense of appreciation is greater because it was not expected from them.

When I am not distracted by some project or another and I am organized and follow routines, I do get the chores done quicker and have more time, but I find I have to fight with myself to stick to those routines.

Then there is the computer and the lure of the internet. Is that the problem or the escape? I think a little of both.

So it is already evening. I am feeling under the weather, but that is also not an excuse for the fact that I have accomplished only a fraction of what I should have today. It is my son’s 11th birthday tomorrow. I wanted to make the special number shaped chocolate cookies that I make for birthdays. I have not gotten him a gift yet and that still needs to be done.

Today has been a strong reminder to me that I really need to find that middle golden path in life. The one that will help me live my best life. The one where I will not only contribute to the world, but where I will also eat healthy, exercise, keep an organized house, have routines for myself and my kids and not feel at the end of the day that another day has slipped on by.

On the bright side, I have stuck to one routine and this is my 7th day of blogging in a row. This is the first time in my life that I have managed to write every day for a whole week. So now I am committed to finding moderation and that golden path in my life. Blogging was just the push I needed.

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