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Yesterday was an emotional day. My 2nd son returned from a week-long trip called March of the Living in Poland. As I have written before, the March of the Living is an educational trip for Jewish youth to teach them about their heritage and about the horrors that occurred in the Holocaust up close by visiting the concentration camps.

The parents of all the students were asked by the school to come and meet their children at the Kotel (also known as the Western or Wailing Wall). Our kids traveled directly from the airport to the Western Wall. The reason for that is because for Jews, the Western Wall is our most holy site. The sharp contrast the kids feel from standing one day in Auschwitz at the site of the concentration camp where hundreds of thousands out of the 6,000,000 Jews were annihilated, and the next day to be standing at the Western Wall, the most holy of all Jewish sites is surreal.

I hadn’t seen my son for a week. Even though I knew it was an emotional trip, I didn’t think that I was going to be emotional when I first saw him. In the past I have gone periods of time longer than a week without him being home or seeing him, so this wasn’t so unusual.

We waited patiently until the students proudly came down the steps singing and carrying the Israeli flag into the courtyard in front of the Western Wall. I saw the flag, heard the singing, saw my son and I was a fountain of emotions.

I felt a rush of love for my son, for my people and my country. I realized how nice it was to see my son even though during the past week his absence at home was not that pronounced. I became acutely aware of how much I actually had missed him despite not realizing it.

This trip really drove home to my son what it means to be Jewish and how important his history and heritage is. It reminded him of how lucky he is and how important it is for us to have a country to be proud of and call our own.

For me the colors of blue and white represent love and pride. The colors of the Israeli flag are the same colors as the resplendent sea and the gossamer white clouds floating against the backdrop of a blue sky.

Blue and white reminds me of the sky and the sea. At times it can be tranquil and peaceful. At other times it can be tempestuous. But like the sea and the sky it is always beautiful.

No matter what, blue and white is in my heart and makes be feel proud and at home. Proud to be Jewish and proud to live in my country.

This post was inspired by the prompt of color at Gallery Week 3 run by Tara at Sticky Fingers.

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