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I know that Robert Frost (or at least I think it was Robert Frost) said that “good fences make good neighbors”, but I don’t think that I necessarily agree. Sometimes fences are good, like for keeping your neighbors’ dogs from pooping on your lawn, but I digress.

I believe that getting to know your neighbors and being on friendly terms with them really adds richness to your daily life.

I live in a town of about 1500 families and that number is growing rapidly. The neighborhood in that town that I live in is a close knit community.

Out of the approximately 35-40 families that live on my block, there are only about 6 or 7 who I do not know. The kids in my community play outside together, they go to daycare, school and after school activities together.

We don’t think twice about borrowing things from each other. When our appliances break down, we help each other out until theya re repaired. When we need help or babysitting, we watch each others kids.

When there is a happy occasion or sadly when there is an illness, death or tragedy everyone bands together and lends a hand.

My life would be very lonely if it were not for the friends and neighbors I have in my community.

I have a hard time understanding how people can live next door to each other for years and not even know each others names. Maybe that is normal adn I am just lucky.

I think it’s not necessarily just my specific community because in the previous community I lived in it was the same way. I think I am lucky that I live in a country that is known for its warm hospitality.

In my case, being associated with a synagogue as well increases the sociabilty of the community and the feeling of togetherness.

Right outside my door is community of warm and loving people who care about each toher and the community.

I am lucky and blessed.

This post was inspired by the prompt of “outside my front door” at The Gallery Week 5 run by Tara at Sticky Fingers.

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