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Today is my husband’s birthday.

No honey, I am not writing this because I think you are old. Yes, I know I mentioned last night in the wee hours of the morning that maybe I would write about aging after I wished you a happy birthday. But honestly, I really had already thought about this topic last week and it really was all about me. So happy birthday young one!

Now back to aging. That nasty vengeful thing that one bright morning smacks you in the face when you are looking in the mirror, or when you hear your creaking bones when you try and get out of bed. (Still talking about me honey, not you.)

Sometimes the wake up call is underhanded. You know, like when you are casually looking at old albums and your husband mentions wow, your parents look so different now. No, that’s not the wake up call because we still think we are young. The earth shaking realization comes when you do the math in your head and you say, honey you do realize that in that picture my dad was about the age you are right now. Yup, that’s the punch in the gut we all want to avoid giving our spouses. That particular experience a few months back really knocked the wind out of both mine and hubby’s sails for a few days. Funny how the years have flown by without us noticing it.

Age is just sneaky. It creeps up on you slowly. First you get a few little wrinkles that you only notice when you smile. Then they move in permanently. Maybe you start to notice that it is not that easy to keep your weight at the level you want anymore. You notice that you have more aches and pains after a workout. If you have “lovely” genetics you even get to discover hair dying at the old age of 25 to cover those “flattering” (NOT) white streaks.

I can deal with all of that. But last week, to find a few grey hairs on my eyebrows, well I will admit that freaked me out. Honestly, I am not old! Grey eyebrows! Arggghhh! Even worse, I can’t believe I admitted it out loud!

I guess it was not until that horrifying pivotal moment when I found those grey eyebrow hairs that I realized that I must be vain. Oh well, I am going to have to deal with that as well.

But honestly, aging is not all bad. (Gosh I am making myself sound like I am ancient or something.) I am sure I must sound cliche, but there are many good things that come with age. I know that I am a lot more secure in myself then I was 10 or 15 years ago. I know what is important in life and what to shrug off. I sometimes even manage to get my priorities in life straight. All of that is so much more important than wrinkle free skin and non grey hair. Right???? Yes, I know I am right.

What I also know for certain is that unless I could return to my youth with all the wisdom I now possess, I would never (vowed not to use that word) definitely not agree to that journey. How many times do I recall things I have said which now in hindsight I am so embarrassed to have even muttered? How many things did I shed tears over something that I can’t even recall the details of now? How many times did I blow an event out of proportion only to realize years later how inconsequential the whole episode was? How many times did I waste my time on unimportant things or people instead of spending the time with ones I love? The answer in case I left any room for doubt is too many.

Sure there are things we can do to make aging easier. We can eat right, exercise regularly, drink lots of water, get enough sleep and do things we love. Hmmmmm, looking back on that list I am thinking I better get cracking on taking my own advice to slow down the effects of aging.

There are also things that we also have no control over. The way we learn to cope and handle those incidents can also influence our aging process. I am sure that being bitter and angry instead of just looking at the half full glass accelerates your body’s aging-but that’s just my own supposition, I have never done studies on it.

Hopefully we will all age. I say that seeing as the alternative is not living old enough to age. So why shouldn’t we learn to age gracefully? Why should we spend these wonderful years bemoaning what was or what has been? We need to learn to look at the present, and at all the future still holds for us.

So today honey on your 43rd birthday, a toast to you and to us. May you only continue to improve with age. You have the same charm you did when we met 24 years ago, but like the good wine you like to drink, you have only gotten better with the years. We are raising five great kids and I have no idea where the time has gone because it was only yesterday that we were married. May we continue to complement and complete each other and may we grow old together gracefully and in good health. I love you.

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