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It is Passover right now. Passover is a Jewish holiday with many food restrictions. Mostly no unleavened food, aka no bread.

What there is, is a lot of cooking. Especially a lot of cooking with potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes to peel and some carrots as well. But mostly potatoes.

Did I mention lots and lots of potatoes? Here in Israel Passover is a 7 day holiday. Did I mention it was a 7 day holiday with lots of potatoes?

After Passover, we pack away our Passover dishes until we need them again next year. Usually I am quite organized with typed up lists for the following year. I write down things needing replacing, things to buy and where I put everything.

Last year I was not my OCD self and did not type up the list. So it wasn’t until after I suffered through peeling about 20 pounds of potatoes that I realized that I had written down that I need to buy a new good peeler.

Gosh I wish I would have seen that before the holiday. All I know is that I am having 18 people for the Sabbath and that is a heck of a lot of potatoes to peel. It was not fun peeling them with the lousy peeler that didn’t want to peel. Actually it was a bit frustrating.

The Lousy Peelers

One thing is for certain, there will be a big note with my lists for next year. There is no way I am not going to have a good peeler for next year’s potato fest!

Any peeler recommendations anybody?

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