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Yesterday I caught myself muttering to myself. Yes, the massive never-ending Passover cleaning I was in middle of was not helping my mood. For those who don’t know what Passover cleaning is, think spring cleaning and then multiply the amount of work and agitation.

Please Clean Up Your Mess
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It did not help matters that as I was actually managing to make some progress cleaning out the pantry/mud room the CamelBak water pouch my kids had used a few weeks back on a field trip leaked water all over a bunch of knapsacks. Why they had never bothered to dry it out completely or put it where it belonged is beyond me and the wet mess I had on my hands was just extra frustrating because of that.

So like I said, I found myself muttering to myself and the next thing I knew I muttered to my husband: “Your kids should be shot.” Obviously they are his kids when they do something wrong, but right after that phrase came out of my mouth, something inside me stirred.

For the first time in all the years that I have used that phrase I actually heard what I said and the potential significance of it. I had just said that my kids should be shot. Something that in this country was not unheard of, especially seeing as my eldest son is in the army and carries a rifle.

I then thought about how lightly I use potentially loaded phrases. How often have I blurted out to someone, “I am going to kill you.”? I have no intention of ever killing someone, so why would I even use those words?

Sure there are some phrases that are just figures of speech that we don’t really mean. For instance telling someone before a show to “Go break a leg”. Or telling someone to “Go jump in a lake.” A few less polite phrases came to mind as well, but since I am obviously a lady, I won’t “repeat’ them.

I find it very interesting that a phrase I have used loads of times in the past, out of nowhere touched on a nerve yesterday and made me pause and think. How many times do we say stupid things that we don’t really mean or want to happen and we do it all without giving it a second thought.

I think that my thought process was kick started yesterday to remind me to look at the big picture and not to get so caught up in trivial things like cleaning and forget that what is really important is my kids and family and that I should watch the words coming out of my mouth.

Words have a lot of power. I don’t necessarily think that if I say someone should be shot that they are going to be. What I do think is that by getting upset at them for something not earth shattering I am sending negative energy out into the world. I am a believer that what you put out into the world is what gets returned to you, so why would I ever want to send out negativity instead of love and patience.

IBM Think D100 Test
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The lesson is that next time an unbecoming phrase tries to cross your lips, think twice about whether or not you actually want to utter it.

So what phrases have you said that you really would never want to come true?

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