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Every one has a silly side to them. Some people just have it hidden better than others. And then there are those who don’t hide their silly side well enough.

Being silly is as important to living a great life as being serious is. Serious and silly each have their individual appropriate moments. Sometimes they even mix.

Who doesn’t like having a serious moment lightened up by random silliness? Actually I guess there are moments of seriousness where silliness would be inappropriate. No one likes a joker at a funeral for instance. But forget morbid, we are talking silly right now.

Silliness makes us happy. It makes us laugh. It even makes us creative.

Silliness makes other people laugh and laughing makes people feel good. Silliness can be emancipating.

So while it doesn’t have to be every day, do remember every once in a while to take time out of your day to be silly. If you are intersted you can check out this article about being silly.

In the spirit of silly and serious, I give you a vlog that combines serious with a bit of silly. I take sock-locks very seriously. Laundry, that is something I can get silly about.

What do you like getting silly about?

And now without further ado here is my entry in the Just Vlog It Teach Us Something Challenge hosted by Heather at NotesfromLapland and Karin at Cafebebe.


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