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Every day no matter how stressful or hard brings happiness with it. You just need to look out for it and learn to recognize it everyday things. You need to learn to let simple moments infuse the happiness into your day.

This is the second time I have been tagged with the Happy 101 Award. The award means that I have to make a list of ten things that make me happy. Last time, I was tagged for this meme by Heather at Notes from Lapland and I wrote a list of ten things that make me happy in general.

This time because I am not in the greatest of moods (don’t worry nothing important or life changing) in response to the tag by Entropy Girl I have decided to focus on finding 10 things that make me happy today right now. (Besides being tagged of course.)

So here is my list:

1. Hearing my husband’s voice when he called me on his way to work. His voice can generally make me smile.

2. Having a job. Even though like I have mentioned before I am not fully satisfied where I am, I am still happy and grateful to have a job and an income. (5 kids is not cheap!) Having a job is not something I take for granted in this time of recession.

3. The rain today.

Freesia in the Rain
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I live in a country that is plagued by drought. So what if it rained right after my husband and youngest son worked so hard and cleaned all the windows in the house so thoroughly? Or right after my eldest son had the car washed? I do feel bad that my husband got caught in the rain when he took my youngest to the nursery, but still the rain is a blessing.

4. My health. Sure it may not be 100% perfect, but there is nothing like working with ill people to make you appreciate your health.

5. My writing.
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The simple act of writing and blogging has given me a lot of joy. It has made me reach deeper into myself and it has taught me to persevere. I have only been blogging for a bit over a month, but have enjoyed it thoroughly and have learned a lot. Writing is something you can do anywhere, when you have a few minutes or a lapse at work like I did today.

6. Having my little girl call for me at 5:45 in the morning to wipe her little tushy on the toilet. Okay, so technically she was calling my husband, but that is also a cause for joy no? Better (for me that is) that she wants her daddy in the middle of the night.
So back to my daughter’s little tushy. I was already up getting ready for work (because otherwise that wake up call would have made my cranky not happy list). She was so cute and adorable. I am also happy she has been toilet trained since age 2. She has saved us a lot of money.

7. Classical or cool music cellphone ringtones. I love hearing an unexpected tune start playing from a co-worker or patient’s cellphone. The upbeat tempos just give an unexpected beat to your day and a momentary change of atmosphere.

8. Hospital Food. Yes, I am weird, but I love the food served at my hospital. From the time I get to work I wait patiently for lunch so I can eat. Or maybe it’s just the novelty of eating a meal I don’t have to cook.

9. My cellphone being quiet today. It’s nice every once in a while to have a quiet non ringing day.

10. Today’s morning shift being slow for the first few hours and only 8 hours long. Not 8 1/2 like evening shift or 9 hours like night shift. It was even slow enough that I was able to write all this at work.

So next time you are having a less than happy day, think hard and I am sure you will be able to think of at least 10 things that make you happy. If I was able to do that today, anyone can.

When have you been able to find happy in an ordinary day?


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And anyone who would like this award, I am awarding it to you as well. Please come and take it.

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Age of Conversation 2 : 2008
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How many times have we hesitated about having a conversation or doing something with someone because we dreaded what might happen, what their reaction might be? We humans have this thing we do where we project our worries and insecurities on someone else.

If we are worried about someone’s reaction to something we have to say to them, we imagine the conversation. What we would say, what they would say back, what we would reply….In short we have a whole conversation in our heads with someone who we really have no right to speak for.

I would say that 9 out of 10 times, what we think a person thinks, is really not what they are thinking. (Try saying that tongue twister out loud 10 ten times.)

And even if it is, isn’t it better to just go and get the conversation over with instead of stalling and agonizing over it. What is the worst case scenario? That the person really doesn’t like you or thinks you are an idiot or whatever it may be? Big deal. You can then deal with it and move on.

For the past few weeks I have been agonizing over how to tell my boss that I think I have had enough of working in the ER and I want to find a different position in another ward. Part of my hesitation was also that I knew I wanted out of where I am but I was not sure where I wanted to go. The insecurity of making a decision to end one thing without a clear direction of what you want in the short term is tough.

If I am being completely truthful, I probably want a job in another field or career, but for now it is just one day at a time. I have an idea of where I want my life to head, but I still do need a paying job at this moment, and at this point my nursing career is probably the best one I can find. So I am staying a nurse, for the time being.

Ideally at this stage, I would like to find a position in one of the hospital clinics with no shifts or Friday work. (Here Fridays are like Sundays.) I had spoken to the head nurse of Oncology to see what was available and there is a position for me if I want it and the hospital management approve my transfer. I was told that it was best for me to go and observe the work day for at least a few hours to see whether the type of work appeals to me.

I didn’t want to do that without cluing my boss in because I didn’t want her hearing about it and thinking I had gone behind her back. So I sweated it out. How am I going to tell her? What happens if I don’t end up transferring out of the ER? Am I going to pay for it and get stuck with shifts I don’t want as backlash from wanting to leave? I finally just bit the bullet, called her and made an appointment to speak to her.

As usual, it turns out that all my worrying was for naught. While my boss can at times be unpredictable in her reactions (which is why I hesitated), she was as sweet as can be. She said she understood. She also said she would never try to forcefully keep someone who wanted a change.

So it seems that all my agonizing, worrying, planning and the simulated conversations I had run through in my head were a waste of time and energy and all unnecessary. I should have had this conversation weeks ago. Maybe it was my worry about disappointing someone or my concerns for my work status being compromised by a bad decision on my part. Or maybe what was really stopping me was the fact that change is hard. Starting in a new place from scratch after 15 years is not necessarily an easy position to be in.

What I have learned is that I should not hesitate and worry as much. My body and soul know when something is not right and I need a change. This whole conversation should have taken place weeks ago, because the problem was not with my boss, it was in my mind.

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How many times do we find ourselves getting annoyed by someone else’s lack of consideration? This morning I caught myself starting to do just that.

As it seems to be happening more and more lately, I was yet again……yup………late to work. I had worked a grueling evening shift in the ER, and somehow I was expected to get up this morning, get the kids out to school  (hubby is away on business) and leave to work by 7:30am (after getting to bed after midnight).

Needless to say instead of pulling into the hospital’s staff parking lot at around 8am, it was actually closer to 8:40. Finding a parking spot after 8am is nearly impossible, so understandably I was quite thrilled to see two women walking to a car in the far corner of the parking lot. I was dressed in my white uniform, they had to know that my shift would have started at either 7 or 8am, but they seemed to have all the time in the world. Even after they got into the car they took their dear old time and it was probably close to 3-4 minutes before they even turned the car on and started to pull out of the spot.

At first I started to get antsy and annoyed and then I just stopped myself. I said to myself, they see me. They are not blind. I just need to be patient, because heck there is nothing I can really do about it anyways. Maybe they just finished working the night shift and are just tired. Who knows. I wanted to behave towards them the same way I would like someone to behave towards me. I hate when people honk me, yell or get annoyed with me especially about unimportant things. In the scheme of things this parking spot and the extra few minutes was unimportant.

I also made a note for myself that I need to be more careful about not doing things to other people that would annoy me if done to me. In this particular case I am very aware about people waiting for my parking spot and I try to move out of it as fast as possible even if I have to pull over then on the side to readjust things.

In my job as a ER nurse, I often see stress and fear bring out the worst in people both  towards the staff and towards family members. I have had many occasions where I take adult children aside and gently tell them that they would not want their own children speaking to them the way they have spoken to their parents. Most of them end up agreeing with me and some even thank me.

Just now I had a door to door salesperson knock on my door trying to sell me books. I was not interested and although he was a bit pushy I took the extra minute to tell him politely and with a smile that I really don’t want to buy anything but thank you anyways. Why? Because I can imagine how hard it is to try to sell like that and getting the door closed in your face over and over again. Why not at least have a friendly face say no.

I was bought up learning the Rambam‘s principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Being able to love your fellow man is a great quality. As human beings our natural tendency is towards selfishness and thinking about ourselves and our own needs first. This principle is meant to teach us about selflessness.

Imagine how great of a place the world would be if we would all react to other people the way we would want them to react to us. So next time you find yourself getting annoyed or upset with someone, just ask yourself how you would want to be treated in that instance.Then try and treat them the way you would want to be treated. I say TRY because I am aware that we are human and are not or are ever going to be perfect. We can however try to make this world as close to perfect as we can.

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