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Ignore the open closet and the mess. Her sweetness covers it all!

My little three year old is not only adorable but she is also a perceptive little character.

Little N goes to the same village sponsored nursery that her older siblings went to. Her teacher and teacher’s assistant are the same ones her older siblings had.

Over the years the nursery teacher has had some very harsh criticism from many parents because she yells a lot. My kids were never bothered by it. Hmm, hang on. Wait just a second. Does that mean my kids are just used to yelling? From home? Ouch. That’s something to ponder, because until now I had never really thought about it that way.

Anyways back to the point. Which is that my kids always managed to get along with the “yelling” nursery teacher just fine and they thrived as well. Same goes for little N. But it seems that although little N goes very happily to nursery and enjoys herself, she does have quite good insight. Here is the conversation my husband had with her a few weeks back.

Hubby: You like nursery!
Little N: Yes. I have a lot of fun.

Hubby: Who loves you in nursery?
Little N: B (nursery assistant) loves me a lot.

Hubby: And S (teacher) loves you too.
Little N: No silly. S doesn’t love anyone. She yells and is angry a lot.

I think my hubby was floored and his jaw almost hit the floor because she didn’t even miss a beat. Her comments were just a matter of fact and quite obvious to her. I have written before about kids and how they are sponges and absorb everything from our words to our feelings. I know that my kids know how much I love them even when I am upset with them. I also now know that they don’t miss a thing. I am just glad that N chose to share her observations at home and not in front of her nursery teacher.

Kids know when they are truly loved. They are not fooled. Just beware because you never know when and in what company their true opinions will surface and make you want to hide in shame.

Have your kids ever made really good observations about people? Observations that you didn’t think they perceived? Have their observations ever caused you shame? Please share their gems of wisdom, so we can all laugh together.

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